Benefits of training with DOC

If you are searching for a fitness solution that will last a lifetime, DOC STRONG has the answers that will solve your problems once and for all. Teaming up with DOC will help you to avoid wasting precious time and money. Doc has a passionate approach that will inspire, educate and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. 

1 ) Fun and fast paced
2) Toned muscles
3) Flat stomach
4) Lower stress levels
5) Increased self confidence
6) Higher energy
7) Better function and balance
8) Lower health care bills
9) Longer life
10) Better sex


Personalized Training in a semi private setting. The Doc way is a time efficient way to lose fat and build muscle. It also includes carefully thought out nutrition coaching plan. Doc doesn’t believe in excessive cardio or working out for 10 hours per day. 

The other components that go along with this program:

  • Nutrition program and counseling
  • Motivational goal setting
  • Education on how to maintain your lifestyle
  • E-mail and phone support
  • No appointment necessary - Just show up and train
  • Sessions last for as long as you can handle it. We never train for a measly 30 minute session so come in prepared to work.